Since 1993

My Background

I am a Supervising Sound Editor based in Los Angeles.

I started mixing live music at National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. where I attended electronic school in order to advance my knowledge.  5 years later I moved to Lucasfilm in norther California where I worked with engineers and sound designers on various films.

6 years later I moved to Los Angeles to become a Sound Designer and later a Supervising Sound Editor.  In time I have worked in every area of sound post from editing to mixing, form dialog to sound effects, in many genres including action, drama, comedy and documentaries.

I work with the composer whenever possible and always have my editors reference the music guide track to know how their material will play against it. I am always thinking about the final product and how the elements we’re creating will come together in the final mix. The process starts when I first record custom sound effects for the show and plan how they will be processed during editing. This is where my mixing and technical background come into play. I will sometimes have a foley artist perform live to picture on a iPad in a real-world environment to achiev a realistic sound.  I will often bring my mics and boom pole to the ADR stage and “boom” the actors or loop group during action scenes (much as it’s done on the set) where the audience needs to feel the movement of the actors. All of this makes the mix go very smoothly.